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EMDR Therapy Treatment of Basic Anxiety Protocol - Anxiety Disorders and Phobias

EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy Anxiety Disorder Basic Protocol and Phobias (one credit):

This is a 44 minute video which covers the EMDR Therapy Three Pronged Approach (Past, Present and Future) for working with Anxiety Disorders, including Phobias.  It is the recording of a live workshop.  The Adaptive Information Processing Model used in EMDR Therapy is explained.  Case Examples will be provided.  The in-vivo component for working with Anxiety and Phobias is presented.  Basic EMDR Therapy research of phobias is covered.  The Basic Anxiety Protocol is based on the original protocol from Dr. Francine Shapiro. 

For your convenience you can download the test (PDF or Word Doc) and the course evaluation (PDF or the Word Doc). Then email the completed form to Priscilla Marquis, Ph.D. <> and the test will be graded and CEU's assigned.For your continuing education credits,
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