Edu Technology

Edu Technology offers educational related medical, science & health science software and online subscriptions.  We carry only a reasonably small group of products that we can support and service rather than a million products like a supermarket. Even with top knowledgeable service, we can still offer the most competitive prices!  We represents top vendors in the field such as BoardVitals, Vproctor, Visible Body, Primal Pictures, Hyperchem, sportEX journals BioEx Systems, and 4D Anatomy's dissection series.

Edu Technology markets through the web, trade-shows, focused email, targeted list marketing and personal sales calls. Whether you are a school institution, teacher, student or just someone who wants to continue you education for the enrichment of your life, we may have tools to help.

Edu Technology was founded in 2002 by Neal Alen. Neal has worked in the technology for education marketplace since 1992 working for such leaders as Autodesk, Primal Pictures, ADAM Software and Zenith Data Systems and Ashton Tate. He has headed up AutoDesk’s North American Education efforts. Later he was Vice President of Sales & Marketing for ADAM Software – the first commercially available human anatomy software based on the Visible Human Project. Also he has consulted for Primal Pictures, who have taken human anatomy images and movies to new levels of clarity and accuracy.  Later Primal Pictures made Neal Vice President of Sales for the Americas.





At Edu-Technology, we specialize in quality software for the health science professional and student. There may be no better place in the world to come to for human anatomy learning and reference tools! We offer Software and online subscriptions to help you study and make top grade with health science related software and DVD’s for anatomy, physiology, exercise & stretching, biology & chemistry. Also our products are great for patient education, general professional reference, and for medical exhibits.