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Edu-Technology to Resell VProctor Products and Services


Phoenix AZ and Ashland OR, U.S.A., February 26, 2014 –Edu-Technology signed an agreement with VProctor Inc. this week to resell it’s innovative products and services in the online proctoring market worldwide.  VProctor is a proctoring software service based on technology that uses advanced algorithms to monitor a student's physical environment during an online exam. The objective is to deter cheating and provide an audit trail and evidence for appropriate action by the instructor/institution when cheating takes place. What makes the proctoring system unique is the ability to use a webcam and microphone with computer vision and audio pattern recognition algorithms to trigger infraction detection. VProctor works on Windows and Macs and is easy to deploy and scale with secure backend servers on Amazon's Cloud.


“Edu-Technology is a company with a proven track record in sales and publishing of material in the education market place especially in the health space,” said Dr. Anshuman Razdan, President and CEO of VProctor Inc. “With the new agreement we are very excited about aggressively increasing our sales and revenue growth with the help of our new partner.”


VProctor’s software allows students to take exams anytime anywhere without scheduling with human proctors, is consistent and overcomes the problems of human based proctoring, and is cost effective, in some cases 70% cheaper than other services. Deploying VProctor addresses issues such as questionable academic integrity and helps preserve institutional branding for online programs.


“VProctor’s innovative solutions for the online proctoring problem are industry leaders and Edu-Technology is proud to be a partner/reseller of the products and technologies,” said Neal Alen, CEO of Oregon based Edu-Technology. “Edu Technology is in the business of offering discounted medical and health science related software and online subscriptions and VProctor products naturally fits the space we are in.”  


About VProctor:

VProctor Inc. is a Phoenix, Arizona based software company exclusively focused on developing software for proctoring using readily available hardware. VProctor was spun off from technology developed at Arizona State University by Dr. Anshuman Razdan and Dr. John Femiani. Launched in 2011, the company filed its patent in early 2013 and started offering products in mid 2013. Since then many institutions have (repeatedly) engaged VProctor


About Edu-Technology:

Edu Technology was founded in 2002 by Neal Alen and offers products for student and patient education for health sciences. Neal has worked in the technology for education marketplace since 1992 working for such leaders as Autodesk, Primal Pictures, ADAM Software and Zenith Data Systems and Ashton Tate.




Neal Alen, CEO Edu-Technologies

Written by Neal Alen — February 26, 2014


At Edu-Technology, we specialize in quality software for the health science professional and student. There may be no better place in the world to come to for human anatomy learning and reference tools! We offer Software and online subscriptions to help you study and make top grade with health science related software and DVD’s for anatomy, physiology, exercise & stretching, biology & chemistry. Also our products are great for patient education, general professional reference, and for medical exhibits.